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welcome to EZGuest - the easy guestbook generator. install this script at your site and presto - your site is now offering guestbook services! visitors to your site will be able to create their own guestbooks simply by filling in a few fields (no other cgi scripts to install), and the guestbooks are immediately available for update. try it!

the generated guestbook is a perfect companion to a page created by EZHOMEPG.

this generator actually consists of three scripts:

  1. ezguest.pl - gets input from user and generates a guestbook page based on the entered parameters.

    the user can change color selections, control email acknowledgement and modify retention rules any time without bothering the guestbook entries.

  2. ezguesta.pl - is used for adding new entries to the guestbook.

  3. ezguestd.pl - is used for deleting new entries to the guestbook (accessible only from the edit-page button).

i modified the guestbook script originally written by matt wright so it could service multiple guestbooks and automatically expire entries by age or file size overflow.

the script to create, edit and generate pages came from homepage maker script, originally written by dave palmer. i've adapted it to process guestbooks and i've also added the page deletion capability. , provide color selections and accept parameters for controlling email acknowledgement and retention rules.

the date calculation routines come from date.pl, written by Gary Puckering, and are used here, unchanged.

the capability to delete guestbook entries (now included in latest version) was suggested to me by Andrew Burk last year and i've incorporated the code derived from his enhancements into the new ezguest scripts.

someone ("bona") left a suggestion at my site's guestbook of adding a password reminder feature to EZGUEST, so i've added it to the package.

Version History:

you may now download ezguest.zip which includes all the files needed for installation. (read install.txt or try ezguest!).

Modified EZGUEST Versions


John (malmklang) Slettjord's version

John (malmklang) Slettjord of Team Opelwerk, from Norway, has recently enhanced EZGUEST by adding ubbcode, smiley code and an admin script to make EZGUEST even more powerful. Read about it  here.
last update 5/24/2002

Bob Knuth's Version of EZGUEST
Bob Knuth has submitted a new version of EZGUEST that features selection of background image, add-entry form in a table and new fields (and icons) for ICQ, AIM user names. Download ezguest41.zip now.
last update 10/2/2001

Norbert Wildenblanck's Version of EZGUEST - in German

Read about this German version of EZGUEST and other scripts here.

Ali Almatrok's Version of EZGUEST - in Arabic

Read about this Arabic version of EZGUEST and other scripts here.

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